Chikko, for all your dangerous objects warehousing needs|IT SystemChikko, for all your dangerous objects warehousing needs|IT System

An IT system to Aid in Increasing Distribution Efficiency

Centering around the new Company Integrated System (CITRS) we implemented in 2004, we combined our own CIIS-I import progress management system and our B.I.T.S. bulk progress management system with our basic system, Starting 2009 customers will be able to download the customs clearance certificates they need for themselves using our C3 public customs clearance certificate system for Web based confirmation of item progress to provide real time information. We also train IT system personnel and give our customers ideas for their network.

CITRS Information Management System
Warehouse Management System
Warehouse receipt/dispatch management, inventory control, storage and loading/unloading fee calculator, customer I/F
Shipping and Customs System
Orders, B/L creation, customs clearance (customs online), other laws, warehouse system I/F, payment system I/F, work planning system I/F, customer I/F
Payment System
Payment processing, accounting system I/F, vendor/customer payment management, reimbursement management, customer I/F

Consolidated Management of Dangerous/Chemical Objects Handling Data

We are gathering all accumulated handling records and handling methods on dangerous/chemical objects from each office, creating a database, consolidating it within the entire company. Even with cargo that we have never imported or exported before, we can devise an appropriate response based on similar data and the latest information. And no matter where the office, we are able to provide highly reliable, streamlined service.

Providing Information in Web-based Real Time

We use our Internet-based B.I.T.S. bulk progress management system and CIIS-I import progress management system and C3 (Public Customs Clearance Certificate System) to check the progress of our customers’ orders. Previously we had to contact the customer, business, office, customs, and warehouse, but with our company-wide consolidated database we can provide swift and reliable information.

C3 (Public Customs Clearance Certificate System)
The C3 system provides customers Web access to their import/export customs clearance certificates. We introduced this system in October 2008, and together with the new Sea-NACCS it gathers NACCS data from around the world into an accessible database. With this system we are able to provide our customers with the customs clearance certificates (PDF format) they need in a timely manner. This data can be accessed at any time for three years after the certificate is issued, making it useful for post-surveys or for generating various statistics.
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※ The demonstration by the dummy data is opened to the public now.

B.I.T.S. (Bulk Progress Management System)
B.I.T.S. is a Web-based system that provides our customers with information on bulk cargo handling.
Information can be inputted at any workplace nationwide in real time by computer or cell phone (iMode), nights and holidays. We can even provide port cargo handling time, progress, and quantity.
The B.I.T.S. system also gathers all customer data, which allows us to provide information to them through data searches, extraction, and downloads.
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The system provides progress information on everything from nationwide bulk cargo wharf handling to lading in the actual ship.
Vessel Movement Monitoring
Information on expected date and time of bulk tanker entry into Kobe or Yokohama Ports.

CIIS-I (Import Progress Management System)
Customers can contact us through telephone and fax, or obtain information through the Internet, on import cargo expected arrival information, carry-in information, customs clearance information, work information, and remarks.
We are also able to share information through our company-wide unified database. We hope to swiftly provide our customers with information as well as increase internal efficiency and go paperless.
We also provide information and receive communication from customers through e-mail.
The CIIS-I system also collects all customer data, allowing us to provide information through data searches, extraction, and downloads.
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