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Providing Our Customers with Safety, Peace of Mind, and Reliability

Chikko Corporation has extensive know-how and results with dangerous objects, but we are continually working to raise the bar.
We are constantly reviewing our business from every angle, such as increasing quality, risk management, utilizing information, observing laws, and so on. We want to bring our customers satisfaction through our safe, reliable dangerous objects distribution service.

Work on Increasing Quality and Risk ManagementWork on Increasing Quality and Risk Management


Chikko was the first company in the port distribution industry to obtain company-wide ISO9002 (later combined with ISO9001) certification in 1997. We conduct rigorous quality management based on a quality guarantee system suited for our certification, and have implemented complete risk management to every possible storage and shipping condition for each type of dangerous objects.

ISO JIS Q 9001, 2008 updated certification, has been granted to us. *Chiba, Wakayama and Kita-kyushu branches are out of application of the setting standard.

Work on Increasing Quality and Risk ManagementWork on Increasing Quality and Risk Management


Chikko has realized that the environmental problems which have pop up later in 20th century is very critical and significant matter for the human being as well as the business aggregation with regards to following compliance, BCP planning for the emergencies, CSR activities. These social requirements demand us to take the environmental manegement system(ISO 14001) and we have had working on making our manegement system since early Jun,2011 and had the acquisition on 31st May, 2012 finally.

Environmental Policies

1.We will manage the handling of the toxic substance, chemical substance in conformity with laws, regulations, etc. appropriately.
2.We will prevent the cargo leak, overflow, scattering, waste outbreak by the damage accident and control an environmental pollution (including marine pollution).
3.We will work on saving of energy consumption such as the electricity, gas, water.

We will engage the action of the above mentioned items continuously and review it regularly. We carry out these actions as an environmental object and target. This environmental policy is publicized to all employees (including to consignment, part-time, temporary, etc.) working for Chikko corporation, also put up the website of Chikko corporation and informed to the interested parties. We contribute to construction of the sustainable development recycling society.
December 20, 2011 Chikko corporation President and CEO Nisaburo Setoguchi

AEO System ? Obtaining Certification as an Authorized Economic OperatorAEO System ? Obtaining Certification as an Authorized Economic Operator


On 5 March, 2010 we have gained the certificate of authorized custom broker defined in AEO(Authorized Economic Operator) securing system granted by Kobe customs.
The title Authorized Economic Operator is granted to customs agencies that are certified by the customs commissioner as parties with a framework for cargo security management and strict compliance in place.
This means that Chikko is able to provide our customers with greater convenience in obtaining cargo before tax declaration (Special Consigned Import Declaration) and filing export declarations no matter what bonded area the cargo has entered (Authorized Consigned Export Declaration) at our eight customs agencies nationwide authorized by Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Kobe, and Moji Customs.
We will continue to promote a “stronger compliance system” and “greater safety” to better satisfy our customers.

Meticulous Compliance for Peace of MindMeticulous Compliance for Peace of Mind

As a professional dangerous objects distribution group, we strictly observe the Fire Service Act, the Poison and Deleterious Substances Control Law, and MLIT Rules for the Carriage and Storage of Dangerous Objects in Ships, and handle cargo appropriately at certified facilities and with certified equipment.


1) Port Shipping Business
    (Port Transport Business Law)
  • Keihin Port Class 1 #2087 June 7, 1966
  • Kobe Port Class 1 #2074 August 28, 1965
  • Kobe Port Port Cargo Handling #65 June 30, 1965
2) Warehouse Business
  • Port Warehouse #270 October 2, 1961
3) Customs Clearance Business
    (date first certified)
  • Kobe Customs July 20, 1949
  • Osaka Customs January 29, 1953
  • Yokohama Customs February 1, 1957
  • Nagoya Customs February 27, 1957
  • Moji Customs February 27, 1957
  • Tokyo Customs June 1, 1990
4) NVOCC business
  • (Automotive, domestic shipping) December 1, 1990
  • (Overseas shipping) December 2, 2005

Safety Management and Disaster Training Safety Management and Disaster Training

Safety Management and Disaster Training

Chikko puts great effort in forklift safety workshops, fire drills, and safety management/disaster training.
It is impossible to predict when and where a fire or earthquake will strike. Should a disaster occur, it is vital that each and every one of our staff can make swift decisions and act to minimize damage. We continually hold drills so that staff can calmly react anytime an accident or disaster occurs.

Staff TrainingStaff Training

Staff Training

Chikko periodically and in a planned fashion holds seminars and OJT to support the betterment of our staff and so they can receive certification. We are actively involved in staff training, such as in internal quality audits and verifying their content.
Major Certifications
·Class A dangerous objects
·Class B dangerous objects
·Poison handling
·Customs specialists
·Tetraalkyl lead handling
·Organic solvent handling
·Designated chemical handling
·Special high pressure gas handling
·High pressure gas transport oversight
·Boiler operation
·Warehouse management
·Dangerous objects and hazardous substances workshops
·Information Technology Enginner
·ISO9001 auditor