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From Shipping Plans for Dangerous Objects to Safe Management and Special Services

Today's distribution needs include small lots, more shipments, internationalization, and multi-modal thinking. Chikko has a wide array of capabilities in port shipment and storage to meet our customers' demands. We offer total solutions as a specialist to all problems in dangerous objects distribution.

Ground TransportationGround Transportation

  • ・Nationwide distribution network
  • ・Creation of efficient distribution routes to meet your needs


  • ・Consolidated management of import tracking information using CITRS
  • ・Provide real-time information using CIIS-I


  • ・Ideal storage for any cargo
  • ・Small lot and correspondence to small lot and any kind of cargo
  • ・Accurate inventory management and receipt/dispatch management with our warehouse system
  • ・Provide various analysis material

Export and LadingExport and Lading

  • ・Consolidated management of export tracking information using CITRS
  • ・Integrated management of warehouse, clearance, and lading
  • ・Various ancillary work related to export

Customs Clearance and ProceduresCustoms Clearance and Procedures

  • ・Data cooperation with SEA-NACCS and Chikko systems
  • ・Provide know-how regarding dangerous objects and import/export
  • ・Data management of past results
  • ・Reliable support from certified personnel

Ideas to Streamline DistributionIdeas to Streamline Distribution

  • ・Ideas for optimal shipping and distribution networks
  • ・Planning to reduce costs and save energy
  • ・Analyze customer information and suggest improvements


  • ・Comprehensive shipping services of dangerous objects to China, Vietnam, Hongkong, Korea, Singapore and other East Asian countries
  • ・Proposals to the best shipping procedure and Fowarding transaction of domestic of China, Vietnam, Hongkong, Korea, Singapore and other Asian countries